I'm a Technology Consultant in the University of Richmond's Teaching and Scholarship (Faculty) Hub. On a daily basis, I:

  • Imagine, develop, and facilitate professional developments for faculty who want to more skillfully integrating technology into their teaching and scholarship.
  • Consult with faculty members about using UR Blogs, Box, Blackboard, and web-based tools like Hypothesis and Adobe Spark for their teaching and research.
  • Collaborate with the Technology Learning Center to train student staff to support digital projects.
  • Manage the development and production environments for UR Blogs, our campus WordPress network.

My professional interests center the (positive and negative) impacts of technology on marginalized people. In practice, this means I focus on:

  • Designing online materials with accessibility in mind from the very beginning.
  • Prompting faculty to consider how different discussion techniques amplify different voices.
  • Advising students on techniques for working publicly while maintaining their privacy.
  • Researching emerging tools and services to better understand their effects, both designed and unintentional.

As part of my MS in Sociology, I researched the impact of surveillance on marginalized people (particularly trans students) in higher education. Presentations included:

  • Trans-formation: Surveillance of Transgender Students in Higher Education (2018)
  • Who Gets to Choose? How Gender and Age Impact Attitudes Towards Data Collection and Protection (2020)
  • Who Gets to Choose? European Attitudes Towards Surveillance and Privacy (2020)